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We are Laborers' International Union of North America Local 534. Together, we serve to protect our members' livelihood, work place safety, and pension.

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Your Local Union

Here's a few of the many ways Local 534 helps its membership.


Your Local negotiates building agreement for the Middletown area.


Visits projects within jurisdiction and determines whether or not work is progressing appropriately.

Craft Protection

Protects the craft jurisdiction. This entails making sure that Laborers work are in fact, being done by Laborers.

Stays Informed

Your Business Manager is informed of all completed work within the Local's jurisdiction and pre-job arrangements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's what we are frequently asked. If you need further assistant please contact our office via phone or email.

The best way to join is to apply to our Apprenticeship Program. The Laborers’ Apprenticeship program teaches valuable skills that allow our members to be productive which will help their career and our signatory contractors.

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The Local collects two separate  types of dues in order to fight for your best interest.

Working Dues are due only when you have employment with our signatory contractors. This amount is 4% of your  weekly earnings. 

Monthly Dues are paid monthly, whether you are working or not. Being current on Monthly Dues allows you to be a good standing member and to receive the full benefits our Union offers.

Our Union meeting is held on the second Wednesday every month at 7:30 p.m. It’s important that our members attend as many meetings as possible to stay well-informed and involved  with your Union. Our strengths directly depends on the activity and unity of our membership.